The wonders of the human body

The Exhibition

Bodies is an exhibitions of real animal bodies, designed to show the evolution that allowed for diversity of life forms on Earth.

This exhibition is a journey through the life of vertebrates, from amphibians to apes, from majestic birds that fly the skies to human beings that populated the Earth.

The Bodiesprepared with the incredible technique of plastination, illustrate the process of evolution and natural selection in an unprecedented way.

Biological evolution has been discussed since Antiquity by Greek philosophers and Chinese thinkers such as Zhuangzi, in the 4th century B.C.

Perhaps the most influential publication for evolutionary theory was “The origin of the species”, by Charles Darwin in 1859. Darwin proposed that all life forms had a common origin. And through minimal and slow mutations, species evolved into the diverse life forms we know today. Some individuals of a certain species develop an advantage that allows them to adapt better to their environment.

They are able to survive and reproduce, passing this trait on to their descendants. While those poorly adapted individuals do not survive nor are able to reproduce, eventually becoming extinct.

This exhibition proposes a journey in which the audience can visualize and understand the similarities between different forms of life and the way in which they adapted to ensure their survival.

Bodies astonishes the crowds. The bodies are exhibited in a simple yet educational way thanks to the famous preservation technique called plastination.

While this technique was originally developed for the preservation of the human body and its organs, this exhibition is brought to you today after many years of research. The exhibition promises both to entertain and educate the audience in the field of biology and, above all, in the preservation of nature.


Human Bodies

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